100 Gates - 100 Shofarot

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Simanei HaMashiach

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“5784 Rosh Hashana 100 Gates & 100 Shofarot will bring the world welcome the King of Kings - Yeshua the Messiah”
Rabbi Itzhak Shapira


Ahavat Ammi Ministries & Yeshivat Shuvu have a special gift for all the Messianic believers and Christians around the world. The Machzur "100 Gates-100 Shofarot" will be the greatest and the most important work in our 20 years of ministry. The Mazchur will contain the following:

  • Full Sefardi Seder for Erev Rosh Hashanah
  • Full Commentary on Genesis 22
  • Slichot Service
  • Tashliach Service
  • Seder Blowing (Tkiot) Shofar
  • Commentary from Rabbi Shapira, Rabbi Bernstein, and others.

The Mazhur will be FREE publication! Please consider supporting us in this monumental project!

100 Gates - 100 Shofarot - Publication